Caiti's Musical Selections
Tori Amos
Barenaked Ladies
Dan Bern
Black Tape for a Blue Girl
David Bowie
Glen Branca
Tory Cassis
The Cramps
The Cure
Dead Can Dance
Ani DiFranco
Eddie From Ohio
Golden Bough
Indigo Girls
Annie Lennox
Ashley MacIsaac
Natalie MacMaster
10,000 Maniacs
Loreena McKennitt
Sarah McLachlan
Moxy Fruvous
Nine Inch Nails
Over the Rhine
Bonnie Raitt
Stan Rogers
Sarah Slean
Dar Williams
George Balderose
Susan Werner


Shameless plug for my friends at Folk Legacy Records

For folk music in general, the Dirty Linen page duplicates on-line one of the best folk music journals around.
Ceolas offers a wealth of information about Celtic music.
For Celtic events in the Bay Area, check out Jim Scarff's Celtic Site