In Memorium
March 1, 1973 - July 1, 1996
1973 Volvo 144, 193k

It all started on my way home from the hospital, a week after I was born. The friends who picked my mother and I up were driving a dark blue 1968 Volvo 142... and I've been hooked on Volvos ever since!

My first family Volvo was a white 1968 145, which belonged to my grandparents. When I was about 4, it got sold to a family friend, who is apparently still driving it. Later my mother married a '73 145 (along with my step-father), and they bought a '74 245 to keep it company. Both of these were sold to make way for a mini-van, but that '73 is also periodically spotted around town.

Finally the time came when allowing me to get a driver's license could be put off no longer. My parents purchased a 1973 144 for me, which I hated. It was a Volvo, which at the time still meant "slow, boxy, and ugly" to me. t was, however, a good, safe car, and the price was right. The very first week I did any real driving I learned to appreciate my mom's safety concerns — I had an accident. I stopped at an intersection and the car behind me chose not to. A brand new Honda, the car-at-fault suffered a crumpled front end, a busted radiator, and was basically totalled. I hadto wipe some glass (not mine) off the back bumper.

family portrait :)

Family picture: My dad on Bob II, Jax the banana, Green the red Volvo, and me with Pixel
I think that's when I started to fall in love, and I spent the rest of that summer learning how to do the mechanical work needed to keep that car running. I also learned how to do bodywork, and by the time I finished rebuilding the body, Pixel was completely my car. We had 50,000 miles and a lot of adventures together, and he will probably never be replaced in my heart. Meanwhile, my family just keeps adding Volvos to the collection. Of the four pictured above, Jax is now in San Francisco with me, Bob is home with my parents, keeping company with Rory, the new '92 245, and Green is in Pittsburgh with my sister.

Pixel on the Cape May Ferry, NJ

Volvo meet, Connecticut, November 1995

Unfortunately, after 23 years as a daily driver, Pixel finally reached the point of being too expensive for me to repair, and had to be retired. We plan to be back on the roads someday, though!

Pixel's previous owner was delinquent - we were actually closer to 170k when he finally got his first mileage medal!

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